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May 2022

Joe From Thornhill

Hi Gary. Thank you so much for getting me through my driving test and passing first time. You’ve been an excellent instructor. Very easy to get on with and very patient, which helps loads.

Again thank you Gary.

March 2022

Lucie From Thornhill

Massive thank you to my Driving Instructor Gary. He is patient, understanding and professional. The best listener, will make you feel motivated and won’t let you give up! Not only will he teach you to pass your test, he will teach you to be the best driver you could possibly be. Thank you for everything and helping me pass my test first time!!


March 2022

Jack From Netley

Learning to drive with Gary has been a wonderful experience. He never once was impatient or angry with me. Everything taught was always portrayed in a clear and easy to understand way, whether just talking about a situation or physically drawing a diagram for me to follow. Gary is a very supportive teacher and always had me feeling like I had accomplished something each lesson. I passed my test first time thanks to Gary and am very thankful to him.

4th February 2022

Milly From Thornhill

Gary was a great driving instructor, who ensured I was fully ready to take my test. He was very thorough and ensured that I covered everything I needed to. Thanks Gary for helping me pass my test!

24th November 2021

Ellie From Bursledon

Thank you so so much for helping me through my driving and being such a patient and funny instructor. I would definitely recommend 1st Academy Driving School to learn with a friendly and very very good instructor.

6th September 2021

Charlotte From Bitterne

I honestly had the best experience learning to drive with Gary. My lessons were sadly interrupted by COVID lockdowns and me heading away for university. However, Gary stuck with me the entire time and continued to support and make time for my lessons whenever was possible.

I always felt accommodated for and pushed to progress at a pace perfect for me.

I’m sure I wasn’t the easiest student to teach (driving didn’t come naturally to me), but Gary never made me feel inadequate and always helped me to achieve.

Thank you so much for everything!

27th April 2021

Callum From Thornhill

I would like to thank Gary for being a patient, supportive instructor and helping me pass first time. The encouragement from him was amazing and I am so grateful for that. I would highly recommend Gary to anyone who would like to start lessons.

12th August 2020

Josh From Sholing

I passed my test first time thanks to Gary.

I can honestly say I had the best learner driver experience with him. He helped me to set realistic timelines and make good progress with my driving.

Gary was very patient with me when I made mistakes and always gave me the best tips on how to correct them

We always had great conversations and a good laugh every lesson.

Its safe to say I will miss our lessons together and I will always recommend him first if anybody is looking for a driving instuctor.


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August 2022

Ozzie From Bitterne Park.

Thanks so much for all of my driving lessons Gary. I remember being so impressed with the progress card and being able to see where I am at with my driving. Plus I very much enjoyed all the laughs we had throughout our lessons. Not only a driving instructor but a friend.

November 2022

Emma From Hedge End

I have just passed first time with the help and support of Gary! I lacked confidence when I started but with his patience and support it built me up. Amazing instructor and totally recommended !

November 2022

Sophie From Thornhill

Gary, thank you so much for your time and patience leading me up to my test and helping me pass. You have been an amazing help and I couldn’t thank you anymore for all your time. I will definitely miss my lessons on Saturdays and I’m wishing you well.

February 2023

Hannah From Thornhill

Thank you to my instructor Gary. In the beginning I would be so scared to drive. However throughout my time I spent driving he would support me and fill me with confidence and never get mad at silly mistakes. We always had a laugh. I am very glad I had Gary as an instructor and I am so grateful for all the times you dealt with my crying. Thank you for all the support and helping me to pass my test first time!

March 2023

Ed From Hedge End

I’d gladly recommend Gary for anyone looking for an experienced and patient instructor. As a slightly older learner driver (mid to late 20’s) already with one test fail and some anxiety about being on the roads, I’m glad I reached out to Gary for help with my driving and preparing for doing the test again.

A real highlight in the first few lessons was that he didn’t take me back to basics as other insturctors wanted to, but rather sought to grasp where I was at with my control of the car etc. and go from there. Over the course of my lessons all advice was given in an effective and memorable manner - I’m sure I’ll be hearing Gary’s rules in my head forever more now.

Most importantly I felt that a thoughtful, non-robotic approach to improving one’s driving was encouraged consistently throughout my lessons, and this really helped me to overcome some of the fears and doubts I had about being on the road. As I stand now, besides being very pleased about passing the test I feel a great more confident now regarding driving in general. Many thanks!

June 2023

Dillon From Thornhill

Excellent teacher. With mutual patience and commitment I passed my test 1st time. Payment was cheap and convenient with an all round great service. Would highly recommend.

July 2023

Liam From Swaythling

Gary was a fantastic driving instructor, who ensured I was fully ready to take my test when that date came. He always ensured that I covered everything I needed to before the test. A great guy who can also have a great chat with you on your lesson! I could not thank Gary more for his support and his great teaching. Highly Recommend!


February 2024

James From Bitterne

The quality of Gary’s teaching is outstanding. He is really good at judging the character of his students and helps cater to their learning style.

Gary helped make sure I was ready for my test and I greatly benefited from his teaching. Lessons were always reliable and productive. The structure of the learning pathway was incredibly clear and the advice given always invaluable.

Gary is extremely easy to talk to and we always had something to discuss. An absolute 10/10 for a driving instructor. (Not to mention the useful pep-talks)

Thanks Gary for helping me pass FIRST time!